Assessing and Evaluating Learner Performance

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Regular assessment of learners is critical to support their learning and development. It ensures learners are on the right path and meeting course and/or program objectives, as well as allowing early identification of problems so support and/or remediation can be implemented in a timely fashion. Ongoing formative assessments can then be used to make judgements about a learner’s performance and provide a summative evaluation that can be used to determine whether or not the learner is ready to progress to the next stage of training.

The purpose of this module is to provide faculty members with a general understanding of the importance of assessment and evaluation, as well as to share some strategies for conducting effective assessments and evaluations.

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  1. Define assessment and evaluation.
  2. Explain the importance of learner assessment.
  3. Document your assessment effectively.
  4. List the characteristics of an effective evaluation.
  5. Discuss the barriers to effective evaluation.